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How To Become A Member

by | Mar 3, 2017 | Church

Dr. Rick Warren said, the manner in which people join your church will determine their effectiveness as member for years to come. To Dr. Warren, ‘’if little is required to join a church, very little can be expected from members later on” weak member will build a weak congregation. Every living church should desire to always be strong; and so new member in this church should be strong too in order for you to be a part of the strong congregation, a lot of thing shall be required of you-there are requirement you have to meet before you become our member. One of them is a sincere and genuine conversion experience.

You need to have been saved before you could become a member of PRAISE BAPTIST CHURCH. The bible buttressed the fact that “only those who were being saved” were added to the church. We are obliged to maintain this New Testament criterion for church membership. It is after you have been saved that we could enroll you as a full fledge member of the church.

And in case you were saved before coming to join us, you should be able to affirm your salvation experience. This does not exempt you from going through our membership course. I pray that God will make you a vessel unto honour among us.

“See how you can grow”

Membership school: To become part of us where you are saved or not it is compulsory to go through our membership course .This affords you the opportunity of knowing the fundamental issue of the Christian faith and how to build a successful Christian life. You will also be exposed to the vision, mission and core valve of Praise Baptist Church.

You are entitled to the following:

–    You are under the spiritual/covenant of protection available to all member of Praise Baptist Church.

–   You are qualified for divine restoration of your lost glory.

–   You enjoy every benefit of membership e.g. baby christening, welfare packages etc.

–   You are allowed to use your God-given gifts & talents under the leadership of our pastor(s) as the spirit enables.


To becoming like Jesus, we will take you through various level of growth. First you start with “Follow the Master”. This will help to discover your place in Christ Jesus and also help you to apply biblical principles.


This will further strengthen your spiritual journey and also help you identify how & where you will be useful for the master, since it is part of our Christian attainment to reach.


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