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Emotional Infidelity

by | Feb 10, 2019 | Sermon

TEXT: Proverbs 5:1-23 Job 31:1

Nothing destroys the glory of a man than sleeping with the woman you never paid her dowry (strange woman). Over the years, the devil brings strange women to men that have glory and potentials of becoming great in life. If a man cannot control his sexual appetite, he cannot control his destiny. Job 31:1. Every great man in the bible lost their glory through emotional infidelity.

Emotional Infidelity is a betrayal of trust. It is when you put another man/woman ahead of your spouse. It goes with dishonesty and unfaithfulness. Nothing kills a man than polygamy. An indication of emotional infidelity starts on a subtle ground. Every friend you have should be the friend of your spouse.


  • ADVENTURE: Men get exhausted of monogamy or monopoly. When the man sees a sociable woman, he digresses. Learn to explore with your spouses. Put some packaging into your life and life into your lives
  • REVENGE: Some men commit infidelity because they want to revenge. When men sees sexual item in his wife possession, he goes out there to revenge without even verifying but something keeps pushing him to take revenge on his wife.
  • ROMANTIC PLEASURE: Many men long for validation. They want to feel loved and appreciated. Some men love romantic pleasure. When they see someone doing it outside, they appreciate it and this begin to cause problem in your home. This is a gradual thing. Compliments is good in homes. Learn to do this as couples. Every infidelity affect the offspring of the person who commits it not only the person himself.
  • SOCIAL FRIENDSHIP: This brings eagerness. You meet people via social media and you think they want the best for you. You suddenly fall in lust with them and not love.


  1. Deleting of incoming phone calls
  2. Deleting of incoming messages/emails
  3. Frequency of special and expensive gifts
  4. Having horrible fight that often begins over small issue
  5. You seem less comfortable around your spouse
  6. You get calls and hang up on the caller when you hear the voice of your spouse
  7. You spend excessive amount of time on phones/computer when your spouse is asleep
  8. You make calls and talk in low tones
  9. When you begin to have boring sex/romantic life

Delay in life becomes inevitable when you mingle with strange man or woman.

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  1. Ajibola

    God Bless you Sir.

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