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by | Apr 1, 2019 | Sermon

Topic: Where am I from?

Bible Reading: Luke 1:39-45

What you say about me does not move me. Ps 139:14. The fact that I have not gotten my testimony does not change who I am. Hebrew 12:2.  No challenge will define me or suggest my person. I have a place I am going to, I stagger not. Job 26:7-12; II Sam 22:33; II chronicles 20:6. The reason why you are overcome by your problems is because you do not know where you came from and because you do not know your God. Some of us are not conscious of what we are doing. The God you carry in you will not stop the challenges that should come to you but he will rather make it not to overcome you. When you find God, you find yourself.

Many of us are visionless. A visionless man is one who cannot achieve anything in his life. God has a vision and you are one of the fulfilment of his vision. Gen 37:10. Until you start dreaming big, you cannot achieve anything. Dream big and have a vision. Every great man does not stand on a status quo, they innovate. Anytime you have a vision, God attach someone to your vision and that is your friend. A friend in need is a friend indeed. Two goods heads they say, are better than one. There is no vision without a friend. If you minus a friend from vision, it turns to annoyance or vengeance.

It should be noted you need a helper to achieve your dreams. When you find God, he gives you a friend who helps you achieve them. For every vision to be fulfilled, a friend is needed. A friend is anyone who is willing and committed to help you get to your destination. For a friend is sometimes better than your siblings. Your dreams and vision must be stipulated and accomplished with a friend. Don’t be in a group where you are the best. Be in a group that challenges you. Run away from friends that do not help your destiny.

Life is all about discovering who you are. Know God first. You can’t be a friend to the world and same to God. You have to be an enemy of the world to be a friend to God. Shift your attention away from your problems for it to be solved. Until you start despising the shame  (Hebrews 12:2) you cannot get it.

To be contd…


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