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Topic: Finding Myself

by | Apr 9, 2019 | Sermon

  1. When you don’t think, you stink. People of our colour don’t think, that’s why we stink. Your course in the university does not determine your cause. There are things you can do to change the life of the next generation to come. Henry Ford created the first Quadrycyle because he sat down to think. The laziest men on earth are Christians. We leave all to prayers. One who makes a change leads the world.
    Examples of men who made change in their time.
    Henry Ford: He is the founder of the Ford Motors Company. He changed the face of automobile manufacture in America
    Bill Gate: He is the founder of Microsoft. Microsoft became famous for their computer operating systems and killer business deals
    Wright Brothers: Wilbur and Oriville Wright were Americans Inventor and pioneers of aviation
    Alexander Grahan Bell: He invented telephone and also did important work in communication for the deaf.
    Marck Zuckerberg: He is the co-founder of the social networking website Face-book. He is the chairman and chief Executive of face-book, Inc.
    Nobody was born a success. Everyone discovered a problem and solved it. Matt 16:10.
    Those who finds themselves don’t maintain status-quo
    Those who know themselves don’t copy anyone. Don’t be like somebody. Be the Like. Don’t use another person’s destiny to rub off your own. You must be creative enough to be remembered for something. There is something in you that need to be found by you. If you don’t find it, the world will tell you.
    Five things that can destroy YOURSELF. This thing will define you if you don’t define yourself.
    Culture: This is also one’s lifestyle. He who makes a change becomes an employer of labour. Learn to break culture.
    Education: If you are not careful, your classroom can define you. When you are in a classroom, it doesn’t define you. Examination cannot determine who you are.
    Parent: Your parent can become a problem to you.
    Peer pressure
    Tradition. Ecc 10: 10
    Success is a process. No success can be achieved by prayers alone, Success is achieved by law. If you take shortcut, you trespass. Trespassers are prosecuted.


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  1. Timothy Oyinloye

    Insightful and challenging. May God increase your knowledge Sir.

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