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A faithful Steward

by | May 5, 2019 | Sermon

Text: Proverb 25:13

A faithful steward is someone who is doing the best he/she can with what God has given to him/her. He/She is someone God has given a task to do. Christians are called to be faithful stewards all the days of our lives. Let’s ensure to use our monies in a way that honour God; we can also give free-will offering.

Ways to be a Steward

  1. Caring for our body 1Cor. 6:19 and not living a reckless life. We can be a steward in the area of our health
  2. Stewardships deal with everything God has given to us such as time, ability, talent, resources, energy and so on.Principles of Stewardship
  3. God owns everything
  4. God wants me to improve in what I have
  5. God can call me to account for it at anytime


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