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Topic: Essentials of Marriage

by | May 19, 2019 | Sermon

Bible Reading: Gen 2:19-25
Sermon: Rev I.O Ayuba
Three major essentials of marriage are time, communication and prohibiting fault findings.
There is no genius when it comes to marriage. There is no perfect couple, they only understand their differences.
TIME: One of the most precious gifts God gave to man is Time. God wants us to spend more time in our marriage. Time is life. Anyone you give your time to, you give your life. You do not have time to waste. The greatest tragedy is to spend years on things you ought to do quickly. Time is very important in marriage and should be well taken care of. What you spend your time doing is what you will become. Spend time, do not use time. Whatever you spend your time to buy is your destiny. Marriage will not work without time. You can’t break time, if you do, it breaks you. Time changes things. Ecc 3:1 Time has a beginning and end. Couple who spends time together keeps their marriage moving and becomes great in life. When you spend time together, secrets are revealed. Sit to discuss about your future and children. Never keep secret from your spouse, it destroys the home.
COMMUNICATION: This brings relief and it should be consistent. Some communicate with their spouse via gifts.
PROHIBIT FAULT FINDING: Be a pathfinder and not faultfinder. The more fault you find in your spouse, the more the devil blocks your way. Do not store up fault in your head/mind.


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