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by | Aug 4, 2019 | Sermon

PREACHER: Dr. (Mrs) Bisi Ayuba

TEXT: 2 COR 4:2; COL 4: 9-12

Faithfulness means showing constant loyalty. Num 12:7. Faithfulness is vital in our relationship with God.-1cor 4:2, 1cor 1:2. You have to discover what you are called to do; as such being faithful would not be a problem.

Phil 2:5-8- Follow the example of Jesus; Jesus was loyal, humble and obedient even unto death.


  1. Availability- Phil 2:6, Isa 6:8. Be available for God’s service and maintain a good relationship with God.
  2. Humility- 1 Pet. 5:5-6. Only the humble will receive grace to complete the assignment. The question is: are you doing the work of God in humility or pride? Let us do the work of God in humility.
  3. You must obey all instructions regarding the work of God. Total obedience to God’s word. 2 Sam 5:18-20, Phil 2:8, Joshua 1:6-9, Luke 22:42. Jesus’ obedience was threatened.
  4. Commitment: be committed to the assignment. Jesus despised the shame of the cross because of His commitment to the work.
  5. Perseverance: faithfulness entails perseverance. Perseverance means enduring to the end. Heb 12:2, Luke 9:62. God always rewards diligence.-Luke 6:10-12


  1. Prosperity and good success- Joshua 1:6-9
  2. Promoted ahead of their contemporaries.
  3. Receive double portions of blessings.-Matt 25:14
  4. They are seated in the place of Glory.

More so, Moses was found faithful in the capacity of a Servant and Christ was found faithful in the capacity of a Son.


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