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Theme: Get Connected, Bear fruit (Get connected, worship in truth and in spirit )

by | Aug 25, 2019 | Sermon

Text: John 15:16, John 4:23-24

Worship isn’t limited to songs alone but also implies an attitude of reference. It sometimes includes using physical gesture Psalm 95:6. We worship things we place values on. Our worship should focus on what is worthy of reference. Often times, people direct their worship to various worldly things.

How can worship be expressed:

  • Singing
  • Teaching
  • Tithing
  • Reading and meditating on the word of God
  • Heart of giving and showing gratitude

When we worship in spirit and truth, it should be done simultaneously and not separately. Our spirit is the center of our devotion. John 4:24. Our spirit should be connected to the heavenlies while worshipping God. Let’s learn to give God our undiluted worship. We need to bear fruit so that our worship will not be in vain. Galatians 5:22-23.


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