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by | Sep 29, 2019 | Sermon

Text: Heb 4:15-16

Mercy is a love that responds to human need in an unmerited way. According to the scripture, let us come boldly to the house of God. If you fail on destiny, heaven will mourn. Boldly means you have no condemnation in your heart. It means faultless.  When you have a need and it comes when you do not expect, it is called love shown to you representing the mercy of God. Mercy birth miracles. When mercy is available, grace works. Mercy opens door for grace, when grace comes, result flow and testimonies abound. Whatever you need, you need grace. The only thing that opens door of grace is Mercy. God’s mercy is not based on human effort; it is simply by God’s choice. When mercy comes, laws are changed, lamentations are broken. Mercy is the announcer of Grace. Mercy introduces grace. When Mercy is absent, you possess the anointing of a starter but lack the oil of a finisher. Example is the life of Saul, he began well but mercy left him along the line and he couldn’t finish well. We need mercy that preserves to the end.


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