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by | Nov 10, 2019 | Sermon

Topic: Time Management
Bible Reading: John 9:1-4
Time is the progression of the event of the Past into the future. The future comes unannounced, when a man is not prepared for it, then the man is doomed. Great men see the future as now.
TIME is an acronym for;
T – Treasure
I – Investment
M – Management
E – Enjoyment

A man without value does not value time. They manufacture poverty in their bed. Whether a man likes it or not, night will come unannounced. You look ugly when you don’t maximize your time. Whether a man is handsome or not, time will reveal. One of the problems we have in this country is that we spend our time looking at somebody and wants to be like them. If your time is not properly used, you can be mesmerized. Ephesians 5: 14.
Do something that leads you to your goal everyday. “Show me a great man anywhere and I’ll tell you, while you were busy watching TV, they were busy reading” and doing something reasonable with their time. Ecclesiastes 3: 1. Stop watching things that will take you away from your goals. You waste your destiny when you waste your time. God is a God who created time but does not live in time. Psalms 90: 1-6 .

* Time unveils secret
*Time heals wounds
* Time delivers the promises of God.
Some of you trust God but don’t trust his timing.

In conclusion, If you give your life to Christ, he manages your time for you. Learn to never go with someone who doesn’t have the same vision you have.

Note: Not every cup of opportunity are good, some are poisonous and could destroy you.


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