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by | Apr 19, 2020 | Sermon

Text: II Chronicles 6:26-28

A man whose heaven is shut is a slave to his mate. Whoever does not create heaven cannot shut heaven. No one can shut your heaven because they didn’t create it. Principalities and Power can delay the manifestation of your open heaven if you are not born again. Daniel 10:12-13


1) LACK OF MANAGEMENT. Genesis 2:5- God is looking for managers not wasters. God hate wastefulness. If you fail to manage what God has given to you, he will shut the heaven. Your lack of management is why you lack provisions. Management is key. If God gives you a gift and you don’t use it for Him, He replaces you.

2)SIN – Sin sinks a man to captivity. Sin changes how our heart operates. Sin breaks the designs of God for your life. Sin can destroy a nation. Therefore, flee from sin before your life becomes destroyed. II kings 7:13. This is a time of repentance not a time to talk about prosperity.

3) PRIDE – Humility is important now. Humble yourself because pride shuts heaven. Pride kills, destroys and ruins man. Humble yourself so that your heavens will not be shut. 1 Kings 17:1.
In conclusion, If you are a child of God, you can shut heaven, you can command and God will grant it.

1. O God, every pestilence that has not created me that wants to send me to grave, disappear by fire
2. Every sickness that hasn’t created me that wants to send me to untimely grave. I command you to disappear
3. All pestilence that is troubling the whole world, pack your load and go
4. O’ lord, make my mouth a mouth of authority
5. Garment of pestilence that the whole world is wearing, I won’t wear it in Jesus Name
6.  O’ lord thank you for your hand that is mighty to save me from global disaster.

PROCLAIM Psalms 142:5


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