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How to hold Church Council Meeting during the Lockdown

by | Apr 22, 2020 | Covid 19

Church Meeting Online

We can still do the norm even if we are not gathering in church buildings. I asked myself a question that what if this lockdown or restrictions of gatherings continues for the next 6 months, Does it mean we will be knocked out?

We must explore all available means to get our tasks done without leaving anyone out of the church administration. We just had our Church Council meeting for 1hr:15mintes today without us meeting physically and it was an awesome experience.

I will like to share some of the ways you also can apply to have virtual meetings without flouting the Social Distancing order of the government. Use any of the 3 below;

1. DOWNLOAD Infomaniak on Google Playstore or iOS Store
2. The meeting link will be shared on the day of the meeting to join. Click the link.
3. Kindly have an earphone in place for convenience.
4. You can mute the video and audio when not speaking. Note: Video may not be required for the meeting all.

1. DOWNLOAD WhatsApp on Google Playstore or iOS Store
2. You will be added to the group
3. Typing and Voice note can be used to contribute

– There is a free version available.
– Only hosts need an account.
– There is a phone-in option.
– The free version is limited to 40 minutes; however, they have lifted the limit for some groups.
– You must download and use the Zoom application on your desktop or mobile device to participate with video.
Capacity (up to 100 participants/devices in one meeting)

How To Use:
– Open Zoom in a web browser or mobile app (apple device, android device, chrome web browser extension)
– Login
Click “Host a meeting with video on”
Click “Invite participations”
– Select how you’d like to send an invite:
Default Email, Gmail, Yahoo to send email invite or “copy URL”, “Copy Invitation” to copy a link and send it via a text message, email, Facebook message, etc.
– You can also schedule a meeting on the zoom website and send an invite to join you at a specific time, including a link to your online meeting.

As we all know, Whatsapp is the most popular and it can work perfectly for our meetings but the others are unique because of their video features. All participants can see each other during the meeting.

With the above means, I don’t think anything should stop us from the Kingdom Business.



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