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How To Nurture Your Children During The Covid-19 Lockdown

by | Apr 22, 2020 | Covid 19

Children are more inquisitive to ask their parents different questions about what is happening in this pandemic period. For instance, aged kids can ask when are they returning to school/class, playing with their friends, visit people like before and enjoy free world.

The following are the ways to keep children busy at home:

1. Create more time to play with them: As parents it’s our responsibility to create a good atmosphere for kids at home in playing different games with them that can benefit their lives. Give your child an activity whether it’s a puzzle or paw patrol, so they know they have something to do while they wait.

2. Teach them how to take precautions whether they are sick or not: This one may apply especially to teenagers and older kids, who may feel certain adolescent invincibility even in the face of a virus that is causing panic and fear. That could be compounded by reports that the illness is less severe in children and young people, though there is now research showing some children become severely ill even in Nigeria.

3. Teach children to be generous to others in giving little they have.

4. Engage children to read more about God more than before through the Bible in studying, meditating and memorizing God’s Word.

5. Engage children in doing domestic works at home like washing dresses, cooking different meals, sweeping and lots more.

6. Encourage children or teenager to study more than what school teacher has impacted on them before school closes down.

7. Allow children to display talents hidden in them for proper guidance. e.g. Singing, doing craft work playing musical instruments.

8. Teach children to pray always- 1Thess. 5:17.

9.Keep reminding children about the second coming of our Lord Jesus Christ is at hand – 1thess. 4:16-17.

Conclusively, Parents need to know that this pandemic period is a great lesson for all people to awake to their responsibilities. This period has opened our eyes to know how important parenting is and also, to nurture our children in the right ways we should put in practice what we have discussed above.

It is clear to me that when you as parents create more time to nurture your children in better ways, it helps them to grow into maturity. When Covid-19 is over don’t neglect or forget to continue making use of these principles as responsible Parents.





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