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by | May 10, 2020 | Sermon

Text: Hebrew 11:23; Proverbs 31:27

Motherhood is not a child’s play. When you desire to be a mother, you desire responsibilities.
Mothers are likened to Eagles and should be able to do the following;

1)Eagles see opportunity in every storm. Anytime trouble shoots, eagles are happy.

2) Eagles use the storm to rise. Eagles use the wind to fly. Likewise, great mothers see problems as opportunities. They see positivity and not negativity. People that are great in life uses storm to fly.

3)Eagle see farther. When eagles see, they see dangers ahead. Eagle does not eat anything dead. Never rely on out-dated information. Keep updating yourself.

4) Eagles fly alone or fly with other eagles. Your company in life determines your accomplishment in life.. If you have a vision and future, then you determine who to move with. Luke 1:39. Never be a friend to the one who will not encourage the grace in you. An Eagle test before trust.

5) Eagles protect her family. What you value, you protect. A mother protects her family because she values them. Both fathers and mothers of an eagle participate in the raising of the eagle’s family.
Female eagles lay and protect the egg while the male eagles build the nest hunt for food.

In conclusion, both fathers and mothers should be responsible in building their homes. May God give us Christian homes. Amen


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