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by | May 17, 2020 | Sermon

Text: 2 Kings 2:1-10

When a man enjoys grace, every thing works for him. If you’ll fly in life, you need grace. Some are skilful but not successful. Some are influential but do not have affluence. When you enjoy grace, disgrace is removed from your life.

1) Know who you are: You spend too much time designing others instead of yourself. Grace works for you when you know what is in the inside of you.

2)Know the right person to move with: Grace becomes disgrace if you move with someone who God has left.

3) Identify a mentor: 1 Kings 19:16-19. Without a father, you cannot go farther. Hence, you need a father who should be your mentor. Choose a mentor who is better than you. Leave pride and have a father.

In conclusion, when grace is at work, labour is needless. No grace is free, someone paid for it. Price paying is key. Thus, you need to submit, If you don’t submit, you can’t be a success in life. Submission is key. 2 Kings 2:9


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