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by | May 31, 2020 | Sermon

Text: Mark 4:35-41

Jesus gave his disciples a call in the passage we read. He instructed that they go across but along the way, they experienced a storm on the way. This can be likened to the life of some of us that God called for something and when we yielded, trouble started. It then turn to a curse.

If your call must yield positive result;
1) Send the multitude away (Mark 4:36): Most of the time, if you are with the multitude, you end up in the mud. Move with people you have the same vision because some association kills vision, hence the need to choose the kind of people you move with.

2) Never think that the storm is greater than your Maker (Mark 4:37): Never forget that the storm cannot stop HIM. If you have a great future, expect great storm. Nobody gets to his destination in life without facing the storms of life. You cannot be known without life’s storm experience.

In conclusion, never forget that no matter the storm, God is greater than it and always remember that your future is God’s past.


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