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by | Jul 5, 2020 | Sermon

Text: Act 1:8

There is different between the Holy Ghost inside of you and the Holy Ghost moving you around. When you give your life to Christ, the Holy Ghost comes inside you.

You need to get to a point where you will be intoxicated with the Holy Ghost. The most important person to have in life is the Holy Ghost. He is a person and not a thing.

The most reliable person in life is the Holy Ghost. He never fail. If you claim to be intelligent, brainy and wise but you have not the Holy Ghost in you, then you are nothing but an intelligent fool.

You cannot understand the word if you don’t have the understanding of the Holy Ghost.


1. He gives new birth

2. He lives in believers. 1Cor. 6:19

3. He fills believers. Act 4:2

4. He authors and interprets the scriptures.

5. He guards. Romans 3:14

6. He anoints believers.

7. He empowers believers.

The Holy Ghost is multi-functional, depending on your usage of Him part time. The Holy Ghost can also kill. What gives life can also give death.

I admonish you to hunger after the Holy Ghost and not the riches of this world. If you want to change your world, hunger and thirst for the baptism of the Holy Ghost. An example of Holy Ghost baptism can be seen in the book of Act 2:1 and Receiving of the Holy Ghost can be seen in the book of John 21.

In conclusion, baptism of the Holy Ghost brings boldness. The Holy Ghost can also direct one to the wilderness. It’s not about what men think but what God thinks. The wilderness experience is a prerequisite to becoming great in life.



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