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by | Jul 12, 2020 | Sermon

Bible Reading: Matthew 16:13-19

The church and the gate of hell is a timely topic worth considering as a church.
Before any challenges arises, God profers solutions as there is no problem without solution. The problem of the world today can only be solved by those who understands the secret place of the most high. There is therefore the need to be at the secret place of God. Deuteronomy 29:29; Daniel 2:22.

Who are those God shows secrets to?

*The disciples of God; those who have left all
*Those who depend solely on God
*Those who follow God inspite the challenges of the world.

The misrepresentation of the word ‘Church’ is the problem we have about the church today. Some say they are born again but the maker of the church does not recognise them. If you carry what God carries, the gate of hell bows.
The gate of hell is prevailing today because we have lost our identity in Christ. This is why when we come together to pray, gate of hell laughs at us because we have lost our place in Christ. How then can we settle our place without the world. The church of God needs to step up and fight/deal with the devil since one of our heritage is that we are a consuming fire.

The gate of hell will always come but it is the duty of the church never to allow it prevail. Hell has gates and even the kingdom has keys. You can’t survive the earth without having the heavenly keys. Every doors shut by the devil has a key that opens it in heaven. Until you have the keys, you cannot live on the face of the earth nor overcome battles.

In the school of the kingdom, to overcome the world is not by noise but by substance. If you have the keys, you have the substance. It is not by stature or structure, it is not by age neither, it is by grace and the keys. If there is anything you should have now, it is the keys. If you are not connected to heaven, you can’t have dominion .

Don’t brag about the keys because the secret things of God are with His people. An empty vacuum makes the loudest noise. You don’t appreciate what you have until you see others using theirs.

Please note that if you are not depending on God, you can’t get the keys. The keys are used in times of battles. As a child of God, you need the keys to rule your world. Don’t be keyless because a keyless child of God is a useless child.

In conclusion, Wisdom, a house is built, Understanding establishes the house and by knowledge the rooms are filled with precious stones.

…Don’t be keyless, rule your world with the key.

God bless you.


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