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Favoured Beyond Imagination

by | Jul 19, 2020 | 6th FBI, Sermon


Bible Reading: Esther 2:1-2; 15-18
Preacher: Rev. I. O. Ayuba

In the bible passage, Estber was highly favoured. Hence she will be used as a case study for the sermon. Favour is an unmerited grace. Psalms 102. When the time of favour comes upon a man’s life, it is discovered that someone might be demoted for you to be promoted. Be careful not to lay your hands on sin so God doesn’t drop you from the level you have attain. When your time of favour comes, your basket holds water because God concentrates on you.

Three Major things learnt in the life of Esther

1) Age: Age is meaningless in the time of favour. Esther 2:7. In the school of favour,age is meaningless, grace is needed.

2) Status: Your status doesn’t matter, what matter is what God says about your life.

3) Conception: Your conception does not determine your possession in life. Your skin colour makes no difference. It is not your bleach that makes you rich. You can be black and control white. Ecclesiastes 3:11.

In conclusion, favour adds flavour to a man’s life for favour is the flavour of life. Please note that your identity does not change your status. When the day of favour comes, your mistakes turns to miracles.


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