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by | Aug 16, 2020 | Sermon

Bible Reading:  Ezekiel 23:1-8

Algorithm means rules, laws, and principles guiding favour. Favour means getting an underserved gift. A man who is favoured skips protocols to get to where God wants him to get to.

Honouring God with your life is so important in the school of favour. Psalms 84:11.  No good thing is usually withheld from those who honour and is in right standing with God. Isaiah 60:19-20. Uprightness is key in the school of favour. It should be noted that every sinner has his past and every saint has his future.

From the illustration of the scripture read, the sisters in the bible, Oholiah means her own temple, Oholibah means my temple. Hence, we need to remain in the temple of Christ. Its saddening that we are in a sinful world that we now see grace as a license to sin. Many altars have been polluted that we have made the church worldly and the world churchy. 

The gift of God is without repentance. Having gift is not a sign or indication of divine approval. Hence, let your past remain in Egypt even as you proceed to your Canaan.

In conclusion, this is a new phase of the church. God is expecting us to worship him in truth and in spirit. He wants us to worship Him as of old. Psalms 102:13


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