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by | Sep 6, 2020 | Sermon

TEXT: 2 SAMUEL 12:13-15

There is nothing God doesn’t see. He sees everything on earth. He sees all you do in the closet. He sees you while thinking, He knows your thought. He sees your secret chats. He doesn’t only see your action but also your thinking.

Jeremiah 23:24, can anyone hide in secret place? No place is hidden before the Lord; we shall all give account of all we do on earth.

If you are not where God wants you to be, you are nowhere. If you are nowhere today, you can be somewhere tomorrow.
God sees and rewards every deed of a man, both good and bad. Gal. 6:7-8 whatsoever a man soweth, he shall reap. Everyone sows, everyone reaps. Reward can either be positive or negative depending on the seed you sown.

In 2 Samuel 12, God saw all David did in secret and rewarded him accordingly. Be careful of what you sow, God will not be happy with you if you keep sowing seeds that blasphemes the name of the Lord.

There is a reward for everything a man does. Rewards usually have a ripple effect not only on the person that commits the sin but also on his generations to come. Genesis 9:26.

God is a rewarder of those that diligently seek Him. God doesn’t only reward bad deed, He also rewards good deeds. Sowing and Reaping have both positive and negative rewards. If you sow humility, you reap greatness, forgiveness yields reconciliation, hard work yields success, honesty yields trust, good deeds yields good friends.

There are blessings that won’t come to you if you don’t forgive. You will reap whatever you sow in multiple folds. There are cases in the Scriptures where innocent children suffered for the sins of their parents but God is saying NO, He wants to have mercy on you, that you may have eternal rest.


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