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by | Sep 27, 2020 | Sermon

Bible Reading : Exodus 33: 14-15

There is a difference between location and position. If God cannot find you where He positioned you, no man can find you and cannot be favored by man. One of the things you find in the presence of God is the presence of Joy. When you loose your salvation, you loose the joy of your salvation, If you loose the joy of your salvation, you will be starved to death. The presence of God cannot be over-emphasized. ‘Show me a man who makes it divinely in life and I’ll tell you it involves the presence of God’.

God’s presence announces itself, you don’t announce it. Those who makes noise carries noise and not substance. You mourn, loose words and battle when there is no presence of God. You don’t have His presence if you are speaking for yourself.

Plans and purposes becomes a monumental colossal disappointment and waste when the presence of God departs from your life. You need to make a modus operandi and plans for your life. When your case defiles solutions, you need the presence of the lord.
God’s presence makes life easy. Working for God does not imply that a man has the presence of God. HIS presence carries power and light.

“HIS Presence presents present no president can give you”. If you are a man with the presence of God, you will see the glory of God in him. Act 10:38. The presence of God is the power of God. Don’t be a Christian that fights all the time, let God fight for you. Act 1:4.

It is saddening that we celebrate activity not productivity in this generation. We celebrate sound and lyrics in church not the presence of the lord. Gone were those days you cannot go into the presence of God except with a pure heart. We no longer celebrate God as of old.


1) You must be righteous. Hebrew 1:9; 1 John 3:7

2) Love the lord with your heart. Romans 8:38; Psalms 51:11

In conclusion, God doesn’t dwell in brick and cement, for my body and yours is the temple of God. If you don’t have his presence, you are a waste to this generation.


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