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by | Oct 25, 2020 | Sermon

TEXT: 1 SAMUEL 4:20-22

Phinehas and Hophni were ministers in the house of God. God told Eli that because he honored his children more than Him, therefore they shall die.

Phinehas’ wife lost it when her intention was to marry his husband because of his influence and the respect he earned from people.

The attitude of Phinehas and his brother disgusted God. They committed lots of atrocities by taking carnal knowledge of women in the temple and also taking what belongs to God.

Why didn’t she advice her husband? She was covetous. A woman who covets can kill. When God is blessing your neighbor, be happy because God is in the neighborhood. A covetous person can never receive anything from God.

In Joshua 7:20, Achan coveted gold, garment, shekels, as against God’s instruction that all that were recovered in the battle field be brought to His temple. Paul said in the book of Acts 20:33 that he hasn’t coveted any man’s gold, silver or apparel. Ahab coveted Naboth’s vineyard and also killed him when he refused to let go of it 1 Kings 21:2.


Phinehas’ wife did not rebuke her husband to desist from doing evil in the house of the Lord. This eventually led to his death. We should always caution and rebuke every evil doer in our midst so that a great fall will not befall them.


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