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by | Nov 8, 2020 | Sermon

BIBLE READING: John 11: 17-22

As a Nigerians this is the time we need an EVEN NOW faith. Are you sick and you think it can never go away because of all failed trial? For others they lose their jobs and think they can never get another, never forget the same thing happened in the bible. Mary, Martha and Lazarus was friend to Jesus Christ they were very close, but one day Lazarus was ill and Jesus Christ was needed but he was not around, this family has not experienced Jesus doing miracles before they’ve only heard about them, so their brother’s sickness was an opportunity to experience one, they sent message to Jesus Christ to come to their rescue but he never showed up at the time he was needed until Lazarus died. The bible says when Jesus heard about Lazarus’s sickness he waited for two more days.

In the bible passage, we can see the difference between Mary and Martha’s reaction toward the event that happened. Mary worshiped Jesus Christ immediately she came in contact with Him but Martha never did (John 11:33). Your first miracle start when you worship God in your trying time, until you start showing what God is capable of doing you can’t get anything tangible from Him.


1. Because his timing is different from yours.
2. For men to know that no situation is too bad for him
3. So that he could gather more enemies or people to celebrate with Lazarus

The word of God can heal you from any kind of diseases. Jesus Christ spoke to the grave of Lazarus and the dead man rose. You can’t enjoy EVEN NOW miracles if you are not His friend, even Lazarus that was His friend He came late for his miracle, talk more of you who is not yet his friend, you need to take your stand and be his friend and He will continue to surprise you.


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