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Even Now (Part 3)

by | Nov 22, 2020 | Sermon

Bible Reading: 2 Kings 4:1-7

Christians are the laziest these days, we pray too much and work less. We don’t even think sometimes.

1) Call on the servant of God. When you call on God’s servant, you call on God.

2) EVEN NOW that you have nothing, look inward. Even now that your life looks empty, there is still something there. You have something, it is because you feel your something is nothing, that is why your become a non-entity in life. The best time to think more is the time of challenges and problems. “If you don’t think, you stink”. Please, note that it is not by certificate or age but it is by grace.

3) EVEN NOW, some of the things you tried before that didn’t work out, try it again. 2 Kings 4:3

4) EVEN NOW shut yourself in. Secret places are better than open places. If you shine too soon, you die too soon. God needs an atmosphere to operate in your life, give him the chance to, so you can be a better person.

In conclusion, God does not consult your past to determine your future.


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