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by | Dec 13, 2020 | Sermon


Human being is made of spirit, soul and body, it will be impossible for someone without spirit to worship God, because the bible says the lord is spirit and those that worship him must worship him in spirit.
God created man to rule the earth and be his representative on earth, devil was not happy about it he thought of a way to compromise what God has in stock for the human race, devil is a spirit and needed a body to carry out his purpose, then he made use of serpent to deceive the woman then she convince her husband and that is how the devil was able to tempered the lord’s plans for human race.
In Genesis 3 v 14 – 18 God made some declarations on the serpent and the woman, He cursed the ground for the sake of man because he listen to his wife and violate the lord’s instructions. God has a plan B already to redeem his plan should in case something goes wrong, He created woman with womb and made Jesus Christ came through a virgin Mary and died on the cross to redeem our soul from the hand of the devil.
“Every spirit on earth is illegal” spirit cannot leave legally on earth they need a body to operate, that is why a good girl can become bad when she is been seized by the devil, in Mark 5: 8 Jesus Christ drove away the evil spirit from a man and the spirit begged Jesus Christ not to send them into the sea it means they still want to live.
In Mathew 28: 18 Jesus said “all power has been given to me in heaven and in earth” He said this because He want to return back to us the life we’ve lost, we should be prepare to accept it back by following his instructions, He sent his son to save us and redeem us.
Are you down and thinking you can’t make it again? Even if no one cares about you he can sustain you just believe him, He was sent to save you, go to him now and you are save from all… Nothing nourishes a man like the spirit of God. Do all you like but never let your spirit overcome what the Holy Spirit Want.


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