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by | Jan 17, 2021 | Sermon

BIBLE READING: Proverbs 6:16-19

Character is who you are when nobody watches you. The real definition of a man is his character. If you have knowledge about something and do not apply it, you are an intelligent fool. This same applicable to the word of God. When you claim to have a good character, you must voice out. When you start hiding who you are, your character has a defect. Character is better than having body guard.

Examples of people with good character in the bible
1) Ruth. Every Christians must be able to profess what he/she carries. Ruth 3:11
2) Brian Jews/ Christians Act 17:1
3) Jesus. Matthew 22:16. Act 4:13
4) David. I Sam 17:4-6. He was a dynamic man of God with many victories.

The same David who won many victories also had defects in his character. Sometimes, God gives us charisma and we use it against him.

The problems David had were;
i) Covetousness. Every covetousness man is also a murderer. David broke the law because he was covetousness. Exodus 20:1-15
ii) He committed Adultery. II Samuel 11:4
iii) He stole his neighbor’s wife. II Samuel 11:9
iv) He told a lie. II Samuel 11:12-13
v) He murdered the man
In conclusion, if you fail to check your character, it checks you out from the planet earth. Nobody has a defect in his life and go places in life. Ensure you change today.


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