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The Command that must be obeyed

by | Feb 21, 2021 | Sermon

TEXT: Matthew 9:37-38
Theme: Go Ye Therefore (Matt 28v19)

The mood attached to the word ‘GO’ from our theme is a command word, as a soldier is been taught to obey the last order, we should likewise obey what the Master said. Nation does not mean country but tribe of men; it is a must for us to go to all tribes of men and save them from eternal destruction. This command is not meant for everybody but those that have submitted themselves to the Master and following Him.

Why must you obey the Command?
1. They cannot see
2. They are living in darkness
3. They are under the power of Satan
4. They are living in sin
5. To make them disciple

So we must go to change their status from being in darkness and bring them to light, there is redemption everywhere but if they are not shown the way to it they will die in ignorance.

Steps to follow before going (Obeying the Command)
1. Give Him your life
2. Give Him your all
3. Give Him your substance

People are needed on the mission field, some people lose their lives as a result of not having the right person by their side, Doctors are needed, teachers, Lawyers. The place of your material gifts is different from the place of your service as a missionary on the field.
As we are all invited by the Master to go and save those in the dark, we must yield to His command and carry out that which He wishes for us. It is a must for a Christian to save soul, there is no gift that is free, your salvation is through the suffering Christ went through, Christ suffered for us to be saved and can we now watch those that are yet to know the power in His name to die of ignorance? They are the same people Christ died for. If you have been saved by Him you must save others.


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