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by | May 2, 2021 | Sermon

BIBLE READING: GENESIS 2:1-10; Judges 1:15


Every human being on this earth is created with a purpose. There is a reason you were made. Everyone has a purpose including the baby of the mad woman on your street. The paternity of the child does not matter, what matter is the reason God created the baby. Your conception does not matter, what matter is your possession and capacity. What a man carry, carries him.

If you don’t have a location, you cannot have a destination. This can be likened to the GPS on your phone. Some of you are just living your lives the way others do. You don’t know where you are. In life, learn to choose people that have the same vision with you so that there can be provision.

Those who don’t know their purpose usually do the below;

  • COMPARISM: A man who does not have purpose compares himself with every dick and harry on the street. 2 Corinthians 10:12
  • UNHEALTHY COMPETITION: Acts 20:24. We may be classmate, we are not gracemate.
  • EMOTIONAL DOWNCAST: Blessings come from above not from abroad. Psalms 42:11

THREE LIFE PURPOSE (Reasons you were made)

  • STAY IN THE PRESENCE OF GOD. Genesis 2:8. This is where God gives you everything you need in life. Not everywhere a man stays is graced. Find your location and ensure you are rightly located.
  • STAY IN THE GARDEN. Guard the garden. Every good thing is in the garden. You must be an expert in managing the provision of God. Genesis 2:9
  • FIND OUT THE HIDDEN TREASURE. Genesis 2:10-11. Dig dip.

In conclusion, to find your life purpose, you need work. I.e.  talents and skills.


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