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by | Mar 8, 2020 | Sermon

TEXT:     PROVERBS 19:12-18; 18:22

It is dangerous for you to start seeking while searching for a wife.


  1. Trust Worthy: A godly wife who is good does not deceive her husband. She communicates with honesty and truthfulness.
  2. She makes her husband happy all the time. Prov. 31:11. The world is choking and tiring and as such, she serves as insulation to the husband. Workplaces and traffic are terrific. She endures her husband. She takes time to study his posture and also enriches her husband.
  3. She prays and not complain: A godly wife prays for long life for his husband and not complain. James 5:16
  4. She forgives: forgive whether he apologizes or not, whether he deserves forgiveness or not. Matthew 6:14-15.
  5. She appreciates. Eph. 4:29
  6. She submits to her husband. Eph. 5:22-24. Learn to love your husband. Its an act of pride for a wife not to be submissive to your husband.


  1. Seye Oguntade

    Good teaching worthy of broadcast…thank you man of God.

    • Ayomide

      What about the man? I don’t agree with your postulations, she forgives whether tbe man apologises ir not. She submits etc etc. How about tbe man loving his wife first as it is the order of tbe scripture half if which you quoted?

      With all due respects to you Sir, there’s a but if Africanness in terms of the idea of the attributes of the wife you spelt out here as opposed to revelation knowledge. Further down that chapter is where it talks about both parties submitting to one another out of reverence for Christ. If that scripture is indeed so it automatically cancels out your idea of the wife forgiving whether or not the man apologises because the man would be humble and secured enough to come down from his high horses and apologise. This kind of postulations have sent not a few number of women into mental institutions because of men whose actions in this ilk mentally abused their wives who in the name of such ideas must forgive whether or not he apologises. Even God, the Ultimate Love said we MUST ask for His forgiveness (please check the Lord’s prayer).

      I said ALL that to make this point, please let your postulations be Spirit led and in alignment with the word of God so that you don’t end up raising a followership of men who are bullies and mental abusers of their wives. Thank you

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